Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dining in Marsala, Sicily

I haven't gotten round to finish telling you about what we did, ate and saw on our recent trip to Sicily. This is where I left off.Time for the next chapter.

Back on the mainland of Sicily, it was time for dinner and the nearby town of Marsala seemed like a good choice to satisfy our cravings. Around 40mins away from our base in Trapani, Marsala was a good opportunity to visit another town, as well as stop by the highest rated restaurant in town, according to TripAdvisor. 

San Lorenzo Osteria was crowded with locals as well as tourists and if we really wanted to eat there, we had to be patient and wait. Instead of hanging around outside the restaurant, we decided to look around the town square which was only a stone throw's away from the restaurant.

I don't know if Marsala is a safe town or not, but on that particular night, police cars seemed to be on some kind of chase and there were several other security kind of people patrolling the streets. Maybe something in particular had happened on that night? Maybe Marsala is an unsafe town? Honestly I do not have an answer to these questions, but I wasn't too fond of this part of the island. 

We looked around the square and came by this majestic church. I do appreciate the beauty, art and clever craftmanship that churches embody, yet somehow I am not over ecstatic about churches. Here in Malta we are basically overcrowded with churches and chapels. With 365 churches, yes that's 365 churches, you can visit a different church every single day for a year. So forgive me if I am not too excited about churches! 

Back at the restaurant, this is what I ordered. 

An exquisite saffron infused pasta dish as a starter.

And this swordfish delight which was equally delicious.

These sweet ricotta pastries are the best way to end a meal and a must if you visit Sicily. Trust me. 

In the end, was the trip to Marsala worth it? Well, while the town itself did not impress me, I think it was a good idea to visit another town. 

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Martha xxx

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  1. Hi Martha! Sicily is a beautiful country, the food looks yummy, especially the ricotta pastries!:) Kisses! xo

  2. Hi Martha, how are you sweety? If it were not for your sharing this post, I would have never known the beauty of Marsala. looks like an exquisite place to visit!

  3. Everything looks wonderful. I still have not been to Sicily, but really want to go soon. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. /Madison

  4. The pasta and the dessert look so delicious! Even if the town is not impressive; the food certainly looks like it!

  5. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my last post :)

  6. WOW! Food looks delicious! Now I want to go to Marsala :D
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  7. Martha! :) I just can't get over how exciting your adventures always are even if this wasn't your favorite town. I really need to visit these places someday. The food looks so delicious, as always. And wow, I can't believe there are 365 churches in Malta. That's crazy! I can see why you are a bit tired of them. But I bet they're all beautiful. xx


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