Monday, 15 July 2013

On the way to Palermo-Stopping in Erice

Hiya ladies and gents!

Today I shall share even more snaps and anecdotes from Sicily. Now this was a jam packed day bursting with unique food, sounds and sights. A colourful feast for the senses. 

Upon leaving our apartment in Trapani, we had a plan of where we were heading and what we would be doing. Time was not a strict issue for us, the day was ours, but there were certain sights to be seen and places to be visited. From the medieval, narrow, pastry smelling streets of Erice to the majestic, Greek ruins of Segesta, to the chaos and pollution of Sicily's capital, Palermo- buckle up for a short road trip across Sicily's Northern East. 

This day was certainly a long one. Food was our fuel and I believe I may have 'over-fuelled' myself this time. Well just slightly. But how on earth could I resist Sicily's sweet and savoury delights? Our first stop in this long day was Erice. Perched high up on top of Mount Erice, this small comune  exudes charm and serenity. An elderly man offered us some kind or parking offer somewhere down the road. Luckily our instincts proved us right, we later discovered that he was some kind of criminal trying to bum strangers. 


Erice is such a pretty town. Pastry smells tickle your nose buds and tempt you to peek inside the many delightful pastry shops selling regional specialities. I had already eaten a tomato and cheese calzone from a piazza cafeteria and only minutes later I was munching away at yet another sweet ricotta delight. At the same time I ordered a prosciutto crudo and formaggio ciabbata for the road. (Just a small excuse to try something else out).

After reading rave reviews about Maria Grammatico Pasticceria, common sense told me to hunt them Maria's joint to see what all the hype was about. Will you look at this folks? 

Pastry is an art in Sicily. I thought this was a perfect place to shop for some yummy souvenirs to take back home. But..I couldn't leave without trying anything out right? Well, of course right. And yet here I am, again, eating yet another ricotta based pastry. Il Canollo Siciliano (pictured in the above picture). Honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten. Crunchy fried pastry tube filled with sweet ricotta and nuts. Sinfully delicious. Luckily for us Maltesers, we have several excellent pastry shops that serve fantasic Canollos. 

Pretty shops line Erice's narrow streets. I ended up buying two memorable mementos to remind me of this day. 

This saucy pin-up magnet was a definite buy for me. I collect magnets from around the world. This baby had to be part of my collection. 

I also bought a red iron vespa model that stole my heart. It has such a vintage look to it that I had to have it. There were sky blue and cream versions but I preferred the red one. Red is my favourite colour after all. 

Two hours were enough for us in this village, we weren't really interested in visiting museums so we left Erice in search of our next destination, Segesta. 

Stay tuned for my experience- coming face to face with a glorious Greek temple. 

Love Martha xxx

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  1. The food looks beyond delicious. It would be worth visiting alone for that!


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