Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Life Lately...

Darling readers!! 

After a long pause, here I am with an update on what I've been up to lately!
Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook have been upated on my latest adventures! I recently celebrated my birthday with a week's long activities. Last year I was quite bitter of growing a year older, silly me. This year I was looking forward to celebrating as I now view birthdays in a whole new light. Birthdays are blessings, every day is a blessing. Be grateful to have another year, to have another day, so live, laugh, love and enjoy life! 

I also wanted to share some clips from the television show I co-present! This TV show will end this month however you can still find some clips on Youtube.

Here I visit Malta's newly opened National Aquarium. I interview the aquarium's curator in the first part of the video!

In the below link you can see me attempting to fish  with professional fishermen! This clip is from last year and let me let you in on a little secret...I thought I was going to die of sea sickness!!

And in this link you can see my first attempt at water-skiing!! What an experience! This clip is also from last year!

Lately, I was thinking about starting a Youtube channel which will basically consist of snippets from my life and adventures, beauty and fashion tips, hauls and more. Would you like to see Martha from Malta videos?? I am still debating this idea and would appreciate all feedback :) 

Lots of adventures soon coming your way dearies!! 

Martha xxx


  1. Martha!!!! Hi!!! :) I'm always so happy to see a comment from you! Yay for us Spice Girls fans! Posh Spice was always my absolute favorite and whenever my cousin and I would play with the dolls, I'd always be Posh and we'd fight over who would be Baby.

    P.S. You DEFINITELY need to start a Youtube Channel. I would love to see your daily life adventures and such. You are absolutely gorgeous and I love your accent- so pretty :) Xxx

    P.P.S. I guess I'm not really a fan of the Kardashians because most people tend to see them as "dumb" and that they are famous for no reason and I just can't bare the thought of them representing Americans or Californians (I'm sure they're nice people, though...). And they are pretty girls with amazing hair so I'll give them that, haha :)

  2. Me again...I love Sofia (or Sophia, as I know it haha) Loren...especially her movies "Houseboat" and "It Started in Naples".

    Oh! And I'm studying History at school. Do they have a lot of colleges/universities in Malta?


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