Thursday, 5 September 2013

What blogging has taught me

Dear readers, 

You must be saying, wow where was she these couple of weeks? And you are right, I was not consistent and I have abandoned the blog. 

The thing is I have not been up to blogging, that's the honest truth. My mind was on a whole lot of of things that I found it hard to sit down and write. And my philosophy with blogging is, if a blog entry does not have heart  it shouldn't have been published at all. In my early days of blogging, I shared all sorts of things,just for the sake of having another entry. Well the quality of these posts lack heart and character. Throughout the months I learnt what blogging is all about and what makes a blog successful. 

This is how I view blogging. I now enjoy sharing my adventures and experiences with you all, blogging gives me joy and satisfaction. Knowing that someone out there is enjoying your entries and finding them inspiring gives me a lot of satisfaction. My opinion about publishing posts is: it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality. I could have published tens of articles but I know that these would not have really been meaningful and knowledgeable. After all blogging should not be a chore, a blogger should enjoy sharing her thoughts and experiences, not feel as though it is something that must be done.

Another important factor is the reason why I choose to blog. My mind is not set on achieving hundreds of followers so that my numbers are bigger. I mean, having more readers is very important to me but I much prefer genuine readers you follow me because they honestly enjoy my posts as opposed to fellow bloggers who view me as another number to their list of followers. 

Lately I have been more active on social platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow me there, I'd love to get to know you! As regular readers might have noticed I now have a new layout. Do you like it? These weeks I have spent absent from the blogging world have given me perspective on what I wanted my blog to be and look like

With a whole new look and new life perspective, I'm back into the blogging world darlings! Gotta start catching up with my bloggy friends! 

Thanks for reading, 

Martha xxx

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  1. Martha!! I have definitely missed you and your posts! :) But I know exactly what you mean- you can't force blogging. I see way too many people just spitting out blog posts because they feel obligated but it just doesn't work that way. Those are the ones that unfortunately end up giving up their blog for good within just a few months.

    I absolutely love your new layout- it's so you! And am so glad to see you back! xxx


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